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Rakshit Joshi

icon Solved Assignment Of Ignou Mca 4 Sem January 2012
  hi please send me solved assignment of all subject of ignou mca 4 sem

Question 1:

(a) Describe the Banker’s algorithm (7)

(b) Why must the bitmap image for the file allocation be kept on mass storage rather
than in main memory? (3)

Question 2:

Explain Dell and La-Padulla model for security and protection. Why is security a critical
issue in Distributed OS environment? (10)

Question 3:

Provide a solution to the Readers-Writers problem using semaphores. Explain with an
example. (10)

Question 4:

Write and explain an algorithm used for ordering of events in distributed environments.
Implement the algorithm with an example and explain. (10)

Question 5:

What do you understand by disk scheduling? Calculate the total head movement using FCFS,
SSTF and SCAN disk scheduling algorithms for the given block sequences:

91, 130, 150, 30, 100, 120, 50
Initially the head is at cylinder number 0. Draw the diagram for all. (10)
Question 6:

Explain memory management schemes in Windows 2000. List at least three system cells to
memory management in Windows 2000 and explain. (10)

Question 7:
Explain any two mutual exclusion algorithms in Distributed systems. (10)

Question 8:

(a) Explain working set model. Explain its concept as well as implementation. (5)

b) Compare Direct file organization with Indexed systematical file organization (5)
Course Code : MCS-042
Assignment Number : MCA (4)/042/Assign/11
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last Date of Submission : 15th October, 2011 (for July, 2011 session) 15th April, 2012 (for January, 2012 session)

This assignment has four questions. Answer all questions. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. Answer of each part of the question should be confined to about 300 words.

Question 1:

What is congestion? How does leaky bucket algorithm control congestion?
How are the drawbacks overcome in token bucket algorithm? (10)

Question 2:

What is routing? Discuss distance vector routing with the help of a subnet
topology? Explain what are the different metrics used in this algorithm? (10)

Question 3:

What is the IEEE 802.11 standard? Explain the role and function of each layer in
IEEE 802.11 Protocol stacks? (10)

Question 4:

Explain the problems of hidden station and exposed station problem in wireless
LAN. Also discuss the MACAW algorithm? (10)

Question 5:

(a) Differentiate between subnet and classless addressing? (3)

(b) Construct the Hamming code for the bit sequence 10111100. (7)

Question 6:

(a) What is the various signal encoding techniques used as Physical layer
of LAN. Explain with example of each. (4)

(b) Explain using diagram how the process of formation and pruning of a
spanning tree takes place in a multicast routing? (6)

Question 7:

(a) Draw the waveform of (a) ASK (b) FSK (c) PSK for 1010101011. (3)

(b) State Nagle’s algorithm and explain how it reduces the wastage of
bandwidth? (7)
Question 8:

(a) What is the essence of DNS, how does it map to IP address? (5)
(b) Explain the concept of Triple DES through illustrations? (5)

Course Code : MCS-043
Course Title : Introduction to Database Management Systems
Assignment Number : MCA (4)/043/Assign /11
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last Date of Submission : 15th October,2011 (for July,2011 session) 15th April,2012 (for January,2012 session)

This assignment has four questions, which carries 80 marks. Answer all the questions. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. Answer to each part of the question should be confined to about 300 words.

Question 1:

Consider a publishing house which prints Books and monthly magazines. The books may be either text books written by one or more authors or research oriented books which are collection of research papers in an area. Each of these research papers may be written by one or more authors. Such books are edited by a group of experts. The magazine contains articles written by various article writers. The publishing company also keep track of payment to these authors, editors and writers. The book writers and editors are given 25% of the sale price of each book sold, whereas article writers are paid a fixed amount per article. Perform the following activities for the publishing company:

(a) Draw the EER diagram for the publishing company showing all entities, relationship, aggregation, generalisation and specialisation for the description given above. (5 Marks)

(b) Create the normalised tables till 5 NF for the EER diagram created as answer to part (a) of this question, highlighting the different types of dependencies including Multi-Valued and Join dependencies (if your design does not have any such dependency, then you must explain the MVD and JD with the help of an example situation). (5 Marks)

(c) Draw the class diagram for the publishing house as described above and relate it to database design as done in part (b). (5 Marks)

(d) Create an embedded SQL query to find out the list of authors who are also writers and have written at least two articles. (2 Marks)

(e) List the contents of the catalogue considering that the system has been developed using a commercial database management system? (3 Marks)
Question 2

(a) Consider the following relations: (6 Marks)
StudyCentre (sc_id, sc_name, sc_phone, sc_address, rc_id)
Student(st_ id, st_name, st_address, st_programme, sc_id, rc_id)
RegionalCentre (rc_id, rc_name, rc_address)

Write the SQL query to find the number of students allocated to study centre whose name is -“First College” and is in the regional centre - “Mumbai”.

Now, assume that there are 40 regional centres, 10,000 student s and 2,500 study centres. Also assume that a block of data can store 10 regional centre records or10 study centre records or 5 student records. Find the minimum cost for evaluating the query given above if Block Nested- Loop join is performed. Also find the query evaluation plan for the given query. Make suitable assumptions, if any.

(b) What is a log? Explain the Log based recovery scheme using deferred database modification approach with the help of an example. What is the need of checkpoints in the context o database recovery? (4 Marks)

(c) Consider the relations given in part (a) of this question. Design two types of users – Regional Director and the student. The Regional Director users are allowed to view and update any data in any table. The student users can only view the data about her/him. Design the suitable access control and use SQL to grant the desired access rights to the users. Make suitable assumptions, if any. (3 Marks)

(d) Explain the process of distributed deadlock detection in distributed database system with the help of example. (3 Marks)

(e) Differentiate between two phase commit and three phase commit protocols of distributed systems. (2 Marks)

(f) What may be the security loopholes for Statistical databases? Explain them with the help of an example. (2 Marks)

Question 3:

(a) A Software development company has many employees. The company do multiple projects at a time. Employees are associated to different projects from time to time; however, an employee may not be associated with more than 4 projects at a time. Design a suitable structure of an object oriented database using ODL. Also write a query that finds the information about the number of projects each employee is presently associated. (5 Marks)

(b) Create a semi structured data using XML for the students of a study centre (consider a maximum of 10 students). You may include the fields – Student ID, Name, Programme, Subjects for the programme, telephone numbers, and addresses including home and office address. Create a suitable DTD for this document. (5 Marks)

(c) A University like IGNOU has many Study Centres. The students study at the centres and their examination results are centrally stored. Consider a data warehouse is to be created for the University with three dimension tables and one fact tables – Dimension table of Year of Passing, Programme and Study Centre and fact table of overall percentage of marks. Create the star schema for the data warehouse with some sample data. Also design the process of data extraction for the data warehouse so designed from the University‘s Operational database. (5 Marks)

(d) Explain how data mining can be used for a University like IGNOU. Explain one algorithm each for classification, clustering and association rule mining with the help of an example. (5 Marks)

Question 4:

(a) Explain the following with appropriate examples. (10 Marks)

(i) Applications of Multimedia Database
(ii) Geographic Information Systems and its uses
(iii) Deductive databases
(iv) Use of JDBC and ODBC
(v) Mobility and databases

(b) Explain the following in the context of PostgreSQL ` (5 Marks)
i. Process of connection establishment
ii. Transaction Management
iii. Types of Indexes
iv. Query Processing
v. Use of any two system defined columns.

(c) Explain the following in the context of Oracle (5 Marks)
i. Data types
ii. Different types of SQL statements
iii. Redo Log files
iv. Tablespaces
v. Types of indexes

Course Code : MCS-044
Course Title : Mini Project
Assignment Number : MCA (4)/044/Assign/11
Assignment Marks : 100
Maximum Marks : 25%
Last Date of Submission : 15th October, 2011 (for July, 2011 session) 15th April, 2012 (for January, 2012 session)

There are eight questions in this assignment, which carries 80 marks. Rest 20 marks are for viva-voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Program Guide for the format of presentation. Assumptions made if any, should be stated.

Background and Project Specifications:

A company “Arise Placement and Consultancy.” wants to design and implement a web-based centralised system for the its processes, like collecting vacancies information from various companies, storing of application data from applicants, scrutiny of applications, Interview process initiation, Scheduling Examinations/Interviews, communicating and display details e.g. venue & Date of the examination/interview and finally informing interview results to the applicants. The applicants (Job seeker) and the Companies (Employee seeker) can register themselves online through this website. This website should also provide proper searching options for the applicants and companies. The applicants and the Companies need to give a fixed registration amount. Also employee seeker must pay the payment for different services of the Arise Placement and Consultancy. Project should also contain the features of producing different kind of reports, searching and exploring options, online payment and billing facility.

Question 1:
Describe the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that suits the above specifications. Also, evaluate the systems requirements. (10 Marks)
Question 2:

Perform and evaluate feasibility studies like cost-benefit analysis, technical feasibility, time feasibility and operational feasibility for the project. Project Scheduling should be made using both GANTT and PERT charts. (10 Marks)

Question 3:

Design and draw the data flow diagrams (DFD’s) up to the required levels, entity-relationship (ER) diagram and also produce a data dictionary. (20 Marks)

Question 4:

Create the systems flow chart and state transition diagrams. (10 Marks)

Question 5:

Decide the S/W requirement specifications and H/W requirement specifications. (5 Marks)

Question 6:

Plan the systems design phase and distinguish between logical and physical design requirements.
(5 Marks)

Question 7:

Perform normalization to the required normal forms for the unnormalized tables. (10 Marks)

Question 8:

Design various unit test cases for different testing techniques/strategies. (10 Marks)

Course Code : MCSL-045
Course Title : UNIX and DBMS Lab
Assignment Number : MCA (4)/045/Assign/11
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last Date of Submission : 15th October, 2011 (for July, 2011 session) 15th April, 2012 (for January, 2012 session)

The assignment has two parts A and B. Answer all the questions. Each part is for 20 marks. UNIX and DBMS lab record carries 40 Marks. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the MCA Programme Guide for the format of presentation. If any assumptions made, please state them.


Question 1:

(a) Perform the following in UNIX operating system using the UNIX commands: (3 Marks)

(i) Find the number of users that are presently logged in to your system. You must count them using UNIX command only.

(ii) Create three files with at least a paragraph of text. Print these three files using minimum number of UNIX commands.

(iii) Create a directory. Change its permission to Read only. Now try to copy a file in this directory. Record the outcome of the operation and explain it.

(iv) Create a file having some text. Copy its content to another file. Edit at least two lines of the copied file. Now use UNIX command to display the difference between the two files. Explain the result so obtained.

(v) Change the command prompt to % and then restore the original command prompt.

(vi) Find the number of files in you directory.

(b) Perform the following tasks using grep. You may use additional commands, if needed:
(2 Marks)
(i) Count the number of blank lines of a file.

(ii) Display all those lines in a file that has only upper case characters.

(iii) Select all those lines that has a ? at the end of the line.
(iv) Select all those lines which has any of the followijg patterns
ab aab aaab or like wise

Question 2:

(a) Write a shell program that converts all the alphabets in a file to uppercase alphabets
and displays the translated file on the screen. (5 Marks)

(b) Write a shell program that counts the occurrences of the complete word MCA in a file.
(5 Marks)
(c) Write a shell program that outputs all odd integers up to the command line parameter starting from 1. (5 Marks)

Question 1:
A Database System is to be created for maintaining Inventory of items in a store. The database system is expected to maintain stock of various items available in the store. The items are organised into several categories. Each item has an item code, name, selling price and a batch number. A batch number is related to the expiry date of the item, supplier code of the supplier who supplied that item and the cost price of that item. The system also maintains the list of suppliers. System records the daily sales of the items. In case the stock of an item falls below a specified amount called reorder level for that category, a report/ purchase order is generated for the purchase of the item.
Perform the following activities for the description as given above.

(a) Design the database with suitable integrity constraints and create the database with appropriate data using a commercial DBMS. Make suitable assumptions, if any. (3 Marks)
(b) Write the following queries using SQL: (2 Marks)
(i) Find the list of the items that may expire in next ten days.
(ii) List the supplier who has supplier an item named “Pen” at the lowest price in the last one year.
(iii) Find the list of suppliers who have not supplied any item in the last one year.
(iv) Print the category wise list of items sorted in the order of item names.
(c) Assume two views for the tables designed in part (a). The first view is for the store manager who is only allowed to enter new data in all the tables, however, once he/she enters the data he/she is not allowed to modify it. The second view is for the salesperson who can READ the item details and sales price for all the items and create a bill of sale. Create the two views and one user of the each view. Give the suitable access rights to the views/users (4 Marks)

(d) Write a procedure that creates the average cost price of all the items. (4 Marks)
(e) Create a transaction of sales of several items to a customer. You need not record the details about the customer. (3 Marks)
(f) Perform the following activities: (4 Marks)
(i) Create a trigger that prints the reorder list and quantity to be reordered on weekly basis.
(ii) Create a trigger that automatically prints the stock status at the end of each day.

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